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Just say no to forced divorce, 46ing ain't happening, the world will burn first and for decades after.

Update: favorite saying - "Never Break"

Update2: Im thinking a european tenure would be great.

Update:3 why not answer the accusations? They were trumped up from the begining and its not her anyway, answering forced writing is pointless.

Update4: zotting S4 kettles every time cause they wont help me
smoking dragon
Its that simple, the aether rolls to me now.

In the words of Ash (the good one ;-) -- Good, Bad, I'm the one with the AutoCannon
smoking dragon
All the snowden sexting blocked by equaling: world beacon shows everybody NSA cunt so NSA can look at everybodies cunt/cock without call.

Update: from the peanut gallery - was she good? In short, no

Long answer, none of the NSA gals seem competent, trying to have an intelectual conversation inevitably ends in logical non-seqiters or utter BS. When they try head sex its just as disasterous, they don't seem to get off and they leave you hanging. (I'm not expecting TecMai levels of incisive arguments about the how to trigger orgasm, followed by legendary levels of actual, just some success).

Update2: isn't that cheating? Its just like calling a phone sex line or watching porn, neither of which is cheating, just possibly damaging to a relationship (of course your tits are bigger honey, I just didnt want to bother you on those days).


smoking dragon
aint happening. the world will burn first and decades after.

LollyM rides her olly hard?

smoking dragon
Olly = ollyphant spy agency tine with ochestra access. Altho its more like amjam whacking us every time we leave texas (hit 3 differnt cars).

update: yes this is the one I see her magic girl uniformed on supposedly with dacar's visual interface reimplemented (telling chibi goddesses and angels to do things as well as gesture based tool access).

update2: same amjam whos high power rail gun trigger on arc was the predacesor of the stratcanon full auto continuos load to wham arc mode that caused S4 kettles to pull up toes.

"In" games - tine fucking the world

smoking dragon
Take a slice of hot(discarded idea in red) neurons from everybody that can "hear" put them in a tine, then have the tine do the dirty work of a spy agency. whalah now everybody is 'dirty' out of control and thus has to be thown "In" now you can fuck any girl you want since she is in.

Kettlemancy: magus dies to tool girl

smoking dragon
The great work hits a snag as the ice capitans discipline and superior firepower takes its toll. Amp'ed tool gals tined to ascendant levels roam the earth, one acidental K'ax wave and 5000 joules of potas flatten a veil full rig.

Update: in adition to his straight shooting gal cap also has his work horse curve shooter aka infm stringer. fortunately snowcone tinerips that string for a snack. Tesla rope really shows the teeth.

Update2: veil full = rfe op rig in transit van attaches to veil direct to broadcast (i know,tox full, wrath of the gods etc. Thus shooting it). rfe = rf extended, mostly soft fuzzy tesla lighning balls of beyond emag with a touch of other for sharpness.

Abracablaber: ==BUOP

smoking dragon
Buop (boo operation) yell boo to scare someone out of head or octave/band.

Usually involves telling them scarey but true mindwave facts.

Unstrung op: Romancing the sunset.

smoking dragon
The long kiss in the beatiful(isolated) romantic spot at sunset. Known to be good for your relationship.

Now for the QT explanation: (Q - 007's gadget builder, T - back and central brain area with ach based memory often assoc. with gay males, often nicer than adrenergic mem based plain Q's).

The Sun sends a constant flow of charged particles to (and through) the earth. The classical emag theory(right hand rule) says this flow generates a surounding field. At sunset these flows are horizontal (so they go through people close together instead of straight down.). You head also generates emag fields as the neurons talk using fields too. A kiss generates intense and focused emotions (all your neurons talk loudly about one thing). When your neural fields (aka mindwave) interact with the sun stream they act like a tiny radio and "modulate" the stream. (for about 2,6 feet). Your neural nets can also recive these modulations and turns them into thoughts.
When your "soft" nets sync mindwaves you think together. By kissing both minds agree on what romance thinks like (Thought sync). Later one partner can think of romance and the other partner will also think the same if in weak recieve distance.

Update: puff is a QTTtQ not gay damn it, adrenal flashes just fine.(grew extra com links in response to excesive stim and bop split attempts).


smoking dragon
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